Discover the Palace

An unmissable interactive voyage to the land sweet pleasures.

Plan an hour for the visit and tasting and time to shop for tasty souvenirs.

the room
the kitchen
  • The attic
    The Mannele takes you on a trip through the history of Gingerbread around the world.
  • The bedroom and the Mannele's dreams
    Interactive games for young and old.
    The dream box to discover the traditional imagery of Gingerbread, its legends, its aromas...
  • The Mannele's kitchen
    A discovery trail on Gingerbread and how it is made, calling on all 5 senses ...
  • The amazing garden
    A sugar fountain, Gingerbread flowers, a river of honey. an enchanting world worthy of Hansel and Gretel.
  • Christmas traditions in Alsace
    Christmas has always had a magical dimension in Alsace. A world of traditions to rediscover!
  • Discover the workshops of Fortwenger, the oldest producer of Gingerbread in Alsace.

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